TRIing hard this weekend & then I’m off to Seattle!

4 days until my triathlon!!! 
I did my last workout this morning at Barton Springs before my event.  (It’s going to take me that long to recover from my run yesterday afternoon….what was I thinking running at 4:30 in the afternoon in ONE HUNDRED DEGREE weather???? )  Now, somehow, I’m suppose to rest somewhere in between 8 shoots in the next 3 days!  hmmm…

After the race, I’ll pack up both my mountain bike & road bike, camping gear, climbing gear, computer equipment, 2 camera’s & gear, clothes, etc and jump on a plane which will take me outta this heat and into SEATTLE! 

What’s in Seattle, you might be thinking?

Only one of the best sister’s in world (and her super boyfriend), perfect weather, mountains, trails, lakes, rivers, islands, rocks, roads, fish, less heat, more sun, and MORE PEOPLE WHO WANT ME TO TAKE THEIR PICTURE!  This is no vacation!  😉  I’ll be working remotely for the next 3 weeks.  So, if you have friends or family in the area that need some fresh pictures, tell them to email me! I think we have 5 families signed up already  so tell them to hurry!  Spaces are limited (I can’t shoot weekends or evenings while I’m there…sister-time is a MUST.  My other sister will be in town also)

I’m not charging session fees & I’m giving 30% off your ordered!  Whooaaa!!!! 


~ by Natural Impressions on June 4, 2008.

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