Triathlon Update…

I finally made it on the plane to Seattle!  And I SOOO didn’t travel lightly.   TWO bike boxes, TWO suitcases, TWO cameras, ONE laptop/camera bag….etc etc etc.  It made me really miss the days of traveling around for weeks at a time with only a backpack!   (Maari….that day will soon come again…maybe it will be to South America this January….or maybe Mexico in August… or maybe Indonesia…or maybe…)The triathlon is done!  It was a great experience the whole time.  2500 women of all shapes and sizes participated that day.  Everyone was doing  what they used to think was impossible.  Everyone was believing in themselves.  Everyone was pushing themsleves.  Everyone was celebrating.  It was so encouraging and emotional.

I surprised myself that day with how much heart I found inside to push me through to the end!   And I think I passed more people than passed me!  Yay!   Thankfully…no leg cramps in the swim, no flat tires on the bike, and no tripping or rolling my ankles on the run. 



The worst part of the whole thing:  the Run-O-Shame (I like to call the first transition…run up the grassy hill in the middle of hundreds of fans IN YOUR SWIMSUIT to get to your bike…ugh.)

Some pre-game pictures my mom snapped…. I’m looking a little anxious don’t you think…

Let the games begin!  I love this shot, mom. 

Oh, the bike!

The pink sign on my leg says “In honor of my beautiful Aunt Mary” who is a breast cancer survivor!  It was motivating to keep running when I thought about the amount of strength she had to overcome!

I’m so happy!  What oh what is next???

And the thing I forgot that day….. my water bottles & Gatorade that I was planning to drink during the race.   Way to go Maari.  At least it wasn’t my shoes or helmet.



~ by Natural Impressions on June 12, 2008.

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