Happy Belated Father’s Day, Pops!

I know Father’s Day was weeks ago, but I wanted to send some blog lovin’ to my dad anyway. (i’m a little behind on blogging lately because I’m entirely distracted by Seattle)

I am a HUGE fan of my dad, as many people are. My sisters and I weren’t able to be with him this year in Austin, but we were able to spend it together. We know brings him much joy when we spend time together so we thought we would go out of our way to do something extra special this year…since he deserves it. I can’t go into detail about the highly involved “gift,” but I’m sure he’d email you the letter/project/puzzle/etc if you asked. 😉 Here’s a sneak peak of the day the three of us spent together working on our Father’s Day Gift.

We left quite an impression with Home Depot….

oh if you could only see the rest!


~ by Natural Impressions on June 27, 2008.

2 Responses to “Happy Belated Father’s Day, Pops!”

  1. I love that boat picture!!!! I think I need a copy of it … and the rock&rolling fertilizer sisters! You 3 are hilarious!!! mom

  2. thanks for the attention, the thoughts, the actions, and you!

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