The Morse Family!

Sarah, Peter and Gus were great! Everyone in the family was so relaxed and at ease, such a joy to shoot.
Gus was fascinated by ROCKS and wanted to touch and pick up each one. He would gift some and let some go, throw others, and pocket a few for home. Lucky for him, we made our way down to a whole beach of nothing but ROCKS! No shade, but lots of rocks.

I can’t get enough of his big, round, blue eyes! And as you will soon see in the following posts from my other Seattle clients…I think it’s a requirement for all little kids in this area to have big, round, beautiful eyes. 🙂


~ by Natural Impressions on July 2, 2008.

2 Responses to “The Morse Family!”

  1. Adorable family, awesome little boy and wonderful photographs!

  2. Wow, amazing photos! Are you sure you aren’t professionals? Maybe Gus could pay for his own college? When, where, how do we get copies?
    Proud Aunt Francie

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