Another shoot where I got to meet & shoot her family as well as spend some quality time with her!   The shoot started at a whopping 8 AM (hey…that’s early for me) and they were FIFTEEN minutes early…and chipper, alert, and hilarious….all at 7:45am!! I was SO impressed with this group of eary risers.   Way to go guys!  It’s easy to tell that this family genuinely LIKE each other and enjoy spending time together!  They’re a pleasure to be around and a pleasure to photograph 🙂

Kayla is comfortable, confident & carefree.  She’s relaxed & always giggling 🙂  & a tree-climber at heart.




~ by Natural Impressions on August 7, 2008.

6 Responses to “Kayla!”

  1. Thank ya’ll very much for all these pictures and the enjoyable time taking them. It was a blast taking all these pictures with ya’ll.
    Thank you again,
    The McDonalds

  2. Kayla ~

    Your pictures are absolutely breath-taking … I am showing you off to everyone at work!

    Love Ya ~

    Aunt Jen

  3. Hey Kay!


    Looks like you have a great time. I will share these with the rest of my family. Alyssa gets hers done on the 25th!

    Aunt Carol

  4. I knew there would be another tree climber in the family!

    Fantastic pictures!

    Love ya!


  5. Kayla-

    Your pictures look terrific. Who would have thought differently, right?)

    Best wishes for the upcoming school year,


  6. […] first time was a few years ago when Kayla graduated (….aww how they’ve grown-check it out HERE). They are all soccer studs and you would probably see one or some of them around Soccer Zone.  […]

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