the new year is upon us!

Wow, it’s been forever since I blogged the posters we do around here.  Last year I think we did about 20 of these and I didn’t post-a-one!  What can I say?  They kept me busssssy.  I will do better this year.  And, I’ll go ahead and add last years to our NEW website whose launch date is around the corner!!! (yippee)

We started early this year with the volleyball posters.  Each year it seems the girls are getting more and more excited about and creative with their themes, which usuall leads to killer posters. It’s some crazy & fun days with the different piled into our studio for these CRAZY sesssions.  Just imagine…10-40 players & their bags, dresses, uniforms, curling irons, balls, props, etc.  The music roars & laughter flies out the door.

Here’s the first 3.  Round Rock’s is on it’s way!


~ by Natural Impressions on August 27, 2008.

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