back from Mexico!

I just got back from Mexico late Monday night and couldn’t wait to get my external drive plugged into my computer to see the images I shot during my vacation.   Actually, it wasn’t allll vacation.  I got to work for my friend & wedding photographer Tania Lezak who hails from Pennsylvania.  She was shooting a wedding in San Miguel de Allende (central Mexico) and asked for some back-up (as well as a travel buddy).  She bribed me (wink) with renting an amazing house for the week prior.  I, loving to travel, loving latin countries, loving to photograph, loving adventurous people like her, JUMPED at the opportunity.

Here a handful (or two or three) of some of my favorites.
More to come soon!


yours truly
yours truly.  (trying to quickly learn cannon)

my kind of girls!  taking advantage of a rainy day.
my kind of girls! taking advantage of a rainy day.

sleepy @ market day.
sleepy @ market day.

market day.
market day.

can you tell they're a family? oh that smile!
can you tell they are family?  oh, I love that smile!

Happy to have survived 5000 muddy potholes in the rental car.

Thrilled to be back on pavement again.  Oh, the long lost pavement!

shopping @ market day.

yummy  yogurt.


The 15 minute flood. I found refuge in a art store. This was take out the front door.

on the way home from school.

also on the way home from school.

Good Morning, beautiful.

just an itty bitty part of the 1.5 hours of fun. lost in Mexico.


hey neighbor!

Mexican wedding (this was not at all the wedding I was there to help shoot)


~ by Natural Impressions on August 28, 2008.

4 Responses to “back from Mexico!”

  1. These are wonderful, vibrant, lively, lovely pictures Maari. What a awesome way of pulling me in to your world.

  2. Wow nice pics..

    The color is amazing, nice lay too the photos look good on the black. I like the rest of the site also looks professional.


  3. Wonderful, wonderful photos of the town I love almost unreasoningly. I am going to post a link to these on my San Miguel siteblog at I want my visitors to have the pleasure of sharing them.


  4. I don’t see a “contact” button on your blog. I’d like to ask you for permission to put one or two of these on my blog with the link back to you (and with your photo credit, of course). Could you contact me please?

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