mas de Mexico!

So I’ve found some spare minutes to work on some more of my images from the trip in Mexico, as you will see below.  I’ll post the rest on the new website whenever we get it out there!  coming soooooooon!

A dam outside of San Miguel de Allende

baths are nice

playful plaza life.

more playful plaza life.

Mexicans like to people watch, too.

They spend a lot of time just hanging out & with friends & strangers.  I appreciate this & wish I made more time for this in my life.

Why are doors such a popular thing to photograph when you travel?  I shot waaay too many doors on this trip.  I think it was because I get shy at times. 

toasted peanuts in a pepper can

Tania in the best little Tamale Place in San Miguel.  And where would we be without my favorite span-engl dictionary.  Electronic is DEFINITELY the way to go.

Taken standing in our backyard.  Can you imagine the color of the place during the day!

another shot from our crazy roadtrip.  or is that even a road?


~ by Natural Impressions on September 5, 2008.

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