Happy Birthday little Lucy!

(Maari)  Lucy is one of my sweeeet little neighbors & yesterday she celebrated her 2 year old birthday!  I couldn’t resist not pulling out my camera….just look at this precious face!


Tricia is Lucy’s beautiful mother.  We LOVE having them as our neighbors!  Tricia knows ALL about tea.  SHe always bringing a pot of tea over to the neighbors apartments to share it with.  And if you are ever interested in having a tea party…you NEED to call her! (or email me & I will connect  you)

And then there’s Malcom! (Tricia’s son).  What a bundle of fun this CRAZY little guy is!  He poked his head in our door last week at 7:30am asking if he could have a lolipop.  🙂

As Tricia would say, “This is what daddies are for!”  Bau is such a great father to Lucy.  I can’t wiat to learn some tasty Vietnamese recipes from him one day in exchange for some Photoshop lessons

And meet our other neighbor, Cali.  You might recognize her from a shoot I did several months ago.  Her curly red hair, rosy red lips & soft, light skin….and her sense of adventure….make her quite a catch 🙂

A classic Cali face:

My roomie, Becca, & little Lucy.


~ by Natural Impressions on September 9, 2008.

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