back from Mexico!

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I just got back from Mexico late Monday night and couldn’t wait to get my external drive plugged into my computer to see the images I shot during my vacation.   Actually, it wasn’t allll vacation.  I got to work for my friend & wedding photographer Tania Lezak who hails from Pennsylvania.  She was shooting a wedding in San Miguel de Allende (central Mexico) and asked for some back-up (as well as a travel buddy).  She bribed me (wink) with renting an amazing house for the week prior.  I, loving to travel, loving latin countries, loving to photograph, loving adventurous people like her, JUMPED at the opportunity.

Here a handful (or two or three) of some of my favorites.
More to come soon!


yours truly
yours truly.  (trying to quickly learn cannon)

my kind of girls!  taking advantage of a rainy day.
my kind of girls! taking advantage of a rainy day.

sleepy @ market day.
sleepy @ market day.

market day.
market day.

can you tell they're a family? oh that smile!
can you tell they are family?  oh, I love that smile!

Happy to have survived 5000 muddy potholes in the rental car.

Thrilled to be back on pavement again.  Oh, the long lost pavement!

shopping @ market day.

yummy  yogurt.


The 15 minute flood. I found refuge in a art store. This was take out the front door.

on the way home from school.

also on the way home from school.

Good Morning, beautiful.

just an itty bitty part of the 1.5 hours of fun. lost in Mexico.


hey neighbor!

Mexican wedding (this was not at all the wedding I was there to help shoot)


the new year is upon us!

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Wow, it’s been forever since I blogged the posters we do around here.  Last year I think we did about 20 of these and I didn’t post-a-one!  What can I say?  They kept me busssssy.  I will do better this year.  And, I’ll go ahead and add last years to our NEW website whose launch date is around the corner!!! (yippee)

We started early this year with the volleyball posters.  Each year it seems the girls are getting more and more excited about and creative with their themes, which usuall leads to killer posters. It’s some crazy & fun days with the different piled into our studio for these CRAZY sesssions.  Just imagine…10-40 players & their bags, dresses, uniforms, curling irons, balls, props, etc.  The music roars & laughter flies out the door.

Here’s the first 3.  Round Rock’s is on it’s way!


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Another shoot where I got to meet & shoot her family as well as spend some quality time with her!   The shoot started at a whopping 8 AM (hey…that’s early for me) and they were FIFTEEN minutes early…and chipper, alert, and hilarious….all at 7:45am!! I was SO impressed with this group of eary risers.   Way to go guys!  It’s easy to tell that this family genuinely LIKE each other and enjoy spending time together!  They’re a pleasure to be around and a pleasure to photograph 🙂

Kayla is comfortable, confident & carefree.  She’s relaxed & always giggling 🙂  & a tree-climber at heart.




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Lauren is a runner at Westwood.  We’ve shot her several times in our poster shoots (WW track/cc) and were so happy when we found out she wanted to do her senior session with us! What a sweet & beautiful senior.





We also got to do a mini-family shoot after right after her senior session.  It’s so fun to meet the whole family and watch everyone interact and enjoy each other.  Also, this quilt they’re laying on was crocheted…by hand of course…by their GREAT-grandmother.  It is gorgeous!  What a great little touch with a family heirloom for their portraits!


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Debra is such a sweetheart, so calm and relaxed.  Maybe it’s because she’s already done with high school and is about to walk into college with a TON of credit from all the hard work she did the past 4 years.  (lucky her!!)  Here’s just a couple of shots from our shoot a couple weeks ago. 

niSPLASHBASH this weekend!

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One of my favorite promotions of the year is our SplashBash Party at the studio yard.  Kids come from near and far to play on slip-n-slides, run through sprinklers, splash in kiddy pools or baby mats, meet new friends, eat cupcakes…and drink lemonade!  SplashBash is a fundraiser we put on to raise money for Alex’s Lemonade Stand (who donates the money to a childhood cancer research).  This year we are also partnering with the BEST cupcakery in Austin, who happens to be right down the street from us….Cupprimo Cupcakery & Coffee Spot

It’s happening THIS Saturday, the 26th.  We’ll be photographing your kids playing in the water.  And, these images will be available for purchase online after the event at special pricing…and we donate ALL these proceeds to Alex’s Lemonade Stand! 

So, COMECome for cupcakes!  Come for the lemonade! Come for the great pictures of your kids’ wearing GIANT smiles as they swim, splash, and slide in the sun!  And come to support cancer research!  

An RSVP is appreciated 🙂

Clara & JZ

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And here we have MORE blue eyes!  Wow!  I think Clara could be a model for the Cabbage Patch Kid dolls! Do you see any similarity here?  

 She’s adorable and her personality is just hilarious….as you can probably tell.  Clara and her dad, Jason, are quite the pair!    He is so sweet with her.